Response and Recovery Plan

Preparing a company for upcoming crises.​

Date:           16th June 2020 (Tuesday)
Time:            9am to 1pm (Malaysia Time),
Duration:    4 Hours Online Training
HRDF Claimable, SBL Scheme
Where:        Via Zoom App


• Leadership in a crisis.
• Threat recognition and impact analysis.
• Risk matrix.
• Rapid response plan.
• Personnel, manufacturing, tangible assets: a checklist of questions.
• Maintain critical functions.
• Recovery from the crisis.
• Formation of a final, comprehensive action plan.

Management Needs a Crisis Plan!

Do you have sufficient Competence to be at the Helm of your Organization…? 

Preparing a company for upcoming crises. Response and Recovery Plan


Whatever happens: natural disasters, epidemics, or something else that can temporarily paralyze a business — you must be prepared. If there is no plan to overcome the crisis, like today’s, the organization and the authority of its leadership are in danger. The management responsible for the organization must have a rapid response plan.
As the crisis management gurus say, you have less than 30 minutes to respond to the onset of a crisis. You are expected to be clear and consistent in the first hour, first day and first week in a state of uncertainty. The more conscious your actions, the less losses and less chaos. To act in an organized manner, preparation is needed. In this training I will help you prepare for all the necessary actions and draw up a crisis response plan.


I am sure that the synergy of crisis management and Lean is incredibly powerful. Now, I am the Lean Trainer. But 26 years ago, in the US Air Force, we practiced what is now called crisis management. Then it was not called that. We simply improved our preparedness for crisis situations of any kind and natural disasters. In the Vietnam War and after, in peacetime, we used the best minds of the United States to reduce response time (the cycle of our work), constantly improved quality standards and always took care of personnel and civilians, made sure that people did not burn out and were emotionally stable. We went through tornadoes, typhoons, hurricanes, sandstorms, earthquakes, flu epidemics and war. This required discipline, knowledge and adherence to protocols – now, at Lean they are called standardized work procedures. In times of crisis, first of all, we took care of the long term – to prevent chaos, ensure the operation of critical structures, support the work and ensure further recovery. In times of crisis, your position as a leader will largely resemble the actions of command in the army. There will be no time to think, and your actions should be realized because everything you do at the beginning of the crisis will determine the further development of the situation for the entire organization. Her fate will be in your hands.
I conduct this training in order to teach not only not to be afraid of crisis phenomena, but rather, use them to strengthen the organization’s position. I will show how to work with the information surrounding you, how to organize and set up a team, how to combine Lean methodology and crisis management. I will share all my knowledge in order to help your organization become more sustainable and agile. Join the collaboration!
Michael T. Wader
Retired Senior Master Sergeant President of Leadership Excellence International Inc. USA. 40 years of practical experience in Lean projects, including 22 years as a mentor and teacher in 15 countries. Michael Vader believes that: “The reward for the work that I do goes far beyond the incredible cost savings and return on investment in which we help clients. I am deeply satisfied that I have helped people around the world. The world lacks what separates people. Despite this, we like the idea that we bring people together and contribute to a thriving economy, and ultimately to international well-being.”


Management of an organization during a crisis implies a strengthening of the role and responsibility of management: directive management and perfect coordination of actions of all heads of departments. Therefore, the first persons of the organization and those who are responsible for the performance of its structural units should take part in the development of the plan. These are those individuals without whose active participation the organization is doomed to chaos and unsystematic reflection. It is for these people that this training is intended.
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Fees: RM350/- per person,
Group Promotion:RM320/- for a group of 3 per person and more



All below training have been concluded online

At the GEMBA

Clean Hands: Lean Problem Solving at the Gemba

22nd May, from 9am Live via ZOOM App, 
Steps of Problem Solving at the Gemba
Have you ever been challenged with a “just in time” coaching opportunity?  Recently the presenter was given this just in time opportunity while supporting a soap company’s executive team. Except in this case what was supposed to be a 3 day Hoshin coaching session turned into a Gemba problem solving adventure. “Darril”, the company president started when he arrived on site. “Most of the executive team is not available this week due to some corporate issues.  Can you take a team of our supervisors and help them with one of our big problems?”  “Sure” he said as he swallowed hard thinking about what that could mean.
In this session learn how the presenter coached a team through the 8-Step problem solving method to help solve a long-term problem that the company was experiencing. Without mentioning the method by name the presenter coaches the team to understand the problem deeply before trying to solve the problem.  This case study proves that sometimes you have to get your hands clean to solve a problem. 


Workplace Organization

A Half Day extensive online Training on:
Workplace Organization: Visual Control and 5S, the “Enablers” to Apply Lean in Your Organization       
Date: 20th May 2020, Time: 2pm to 5:30pm.(Malaysia Time)  ONLINE Via ZOOM APP

Session Includes: Online training,(via Zoom App) Materials, QnA, Certificate of Completion 

Full Detailed brochure follow below link


The Power of Emotional Intelligence

Date 6th May, 11am to 1pm (Session Concluded)

How to control negative emotions and self -doubt

Enhancing  your creativity in times of crisis

The importance of staying focused

Creating excitement and opportunity within your team

Learning from great world leaders

Leadership Survival in Crisis

21th April 2020 (60 minutes Session) CONCLUDED
Time: 2pm to 3pm, Malaysia time

Taiichi Ohno once said “If we have no standard then we have no problem.”

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