"There is No Beauty Better than Intellect"

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Public, inhouse and online training, Continuous Improvement must be a norm
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Face -to- Face Training

whether we like it or not we have to learn for a better sustainable world


knowledge is a long investment of your employees, its a food for sharp mind


Online Training

The world Equation has changed we have to maintain continuous improvement

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More then 15 years in public,inhouse and online training striving to adapt

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Public Training

Please check our next public training or Face-to-Face training click here Thank you 
Online Training
From the trainer’s desk to your desk. The world equation is changing. We have to adapt with changes to progress foreword, therefore the online training  is inevitable

Inhouse Training

Reap the benefits of your investment by train and retrain of your employees, the inhouse courses are to feed your employees mind also available online inhouse training.

About Us

Expitris Worldwide Sdn Bhd organizes highly effective and up to date professional courses through practical training and workshops, online training session and modules, interactive sessions, game activities as well as excellent visual effect presentations in order to generate maximum learning opportunities. We work with exceptional working experienced trainers from around the world. Expitris is a registered training provider at PSMB, all programs offered are claimable under SBL Scheme.

The world Equation has changed, we all need to stay ahead and adapt with the change, if we don’t do it now, someone else will do it tomorrow, Change is inevitable, us, at Expitris Worldwide and everyone around the world will have to embrace and go along with it. Is not about providing what is best to your customers is what is needed that matters the most. We, at Expitris Worldwide will strive to deliver what is needed to our customers. Therefore, let us all hope, whatever we all do will lead to a better sustainable future for generations to come.


Some of Public / Inhouse / Online and Japan Kaizen Study Mission

Some Training List but not limited to...

others include

If You Always Do What You Have Always Done…You Will Always Get What You Always Got. Do Something Different! Use Imagineering!
Michael Wader
Expitris worldwide senior trainer

Our Customers

A commitment to be continuously and actively engaged with our customers, to understand their changing needs and to provide them with excellent value-for-money programs and services

Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude

Michael wader

Customers Say

“Very good information that can be implemented right after I return to my working place, he is an excellent trainer”
Intel Products (M) Sdn Bhd
“An experienced trainer, well conducted and very useful tips for my everyday job”
Western Digital (M) Sdn Bhd
“It’s very good for all employees to learn ‘the how’ to market products”
Manager, Marketing Division
Celcom Mobile Sdn Bhd

Expitris Team

Our team is inspired and fully dedicated to love what we do.Nobody can achieve a high level of success, unless the love for what we do is embedded with dedication, love and believe that we can achieve what we want

Mohd Sahid

Lean Trainer

More then 30 years experience in Manufacturing, his expertise  include Six Sigma,ISO9000/14000



Has more then 15 years in services, leading the overall operation of the company 


Technical Director

Has more then 15 years in service, his technical expertise has helped the company into a new height 


Chief Sales

He has an extensive sales and marketing experience, his top notch expertise is online sales


Marketing Manager

A highly marketing expert, she has help the company to reach a new level of growth.

Miyuky Honda

Japan Office

He is our representative based in Tokyo Office, he has more the 15 years of experience in service 

Our Partners in Business

Michael Wader

Senior Lean Trainer

Anne McDougall



Consulting Business Japan


Training USA

Great Leaders ask Great Questions to Lead Innovation within their organizations!
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