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We are a provider of professional  workshops, inhouse/onsite and online training and any other form of strategic business bridging information events. We allow the local and international business community to converge and acquire this intelligence through our events held mainly throughout country, online and Japan Study mission series. We analyze industry’s needs and we spearhead innovative ideas with the same level of quality, energy and drive for success that you would expect from your own people. All our strategic events are researched, produced, promoted and run by highly professional people.


Expitris Worldwide offers professional training courses of the highest caliber for variety industries. The materials of the training programs are gathered by well-trained researchers who track down the best experts of each field or industry throughout the world. The courses are designed to give our clients the latest practical tools that they need to solve different issues within their industry. Although the courses are mostly conducted in Malaysia – the participation stretches far across the ASEAN region and the world . This is made possible by the wide reach of our marketing and sales team. Furthermore, Expitris Worldwide Sdn Bhd training courses also provide our clients an opportunity to gain invaluable experience through bench-marking and networking with their peers on a regional basis.


Expitris Worldwide professional business training workshops are produced by highly experienced professionals who strive to identify a practical Guru or a practitioner in each industry and for the client’s need. Our business workshops and online sessions are designed to give local and international senior executives the strategic tools to enable them to make a healthy business decisions. We  aspire our clients to be informed with the latest industry trends, innovative practices and future opportunities for their industry, locally and international alike. Our workshops, public, inhouse or online provide each executive an opportunity to maintain their network and benchmark with other local and international peers


Expitris Worldwide organizes professional in-house / onsite training including ONLINE inhouse training: based on requests.

Should you request for an inhouse or ONLINE training please state your Name, Company Name: Training requested, tentative dates and email to the below email: Thank You

 Please email us at: [email protected] cc: [email protected]:


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List of Training

We offer the below training public, inhouse and online

Root Cause Analysis
Lean Manufacturing
Value Stream Mapping
Preventive Maintenance and 5S
Dynamic Leadership Techniques
Lean Leadership
Leadership in Times of Crisis
Creative Problem Solving
Kaizen (Continues Improvement)
Visual Control for Increased Productivity
Lean Six Sigma
Operations Excellence

Theory of Constrains
8D Problem Solving
Toyota Kata
Lean Business Practices
Standardized Work
TWI Job Instructions
Modern Business Writing
Employee Engagement
Mini MBA
Emotional Intelligence
Report Writings
Succession Planning

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